Confessions of My Shoe Obsession Fall Edition:: Fashion Friday

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Let me share a little bit about me.  I’m completely obsessed with shoes.  I first realized this love in college.  Let me get real personal.   I promise for only a minute.  I gained the unsightly freshmen 15 maybe 20.  It was really frustrating shopping for myself by the end of the school year.  Except there was one section that I still fit into like a glove…shoes!  Shoes were certainly where this glam girl found heaven.  Shoes have such great personality and can completely transform an outfit like a fairy god mother waving a wand at a pumpkin.

Change of season is a perfect time to take a look in the closet and realize you have to go shopping.  I really don’t need any excuses at all to go shopping but it doesn’t hurt to have one when I tell my husband I’m going to the shop.  Telling him that I need a different kind of boot while very legitimate to me he really doesn’t understand.  Shoes for him are pure utility and for me a great shoe is the perfect addition to an outfit.

My dear sweet man just doesn’t get the shoe obsession.  The fact that I would even care about something so nonessential to life is just beyond him.  I’m not sure I could envy his complete disregard for esthetics but I definitely respect his view.  Luckily the man understands a girl needs to have a few cute shoes that sole purpose isn’t to be my black shoe to go with my black pants.

Lately my shoe obsession has been completely wrapped around boots.  Fall is the perfect time to find cute boots.  The weather starts to change and to adorable boots of all lengths and sizes come out.  This weeks Fashion obsession are Fall booties.  I’m kind of in love mid-length boots right not.


Shoe Obsession:: Fall Booties