Planning Your Wedding during Covid-19

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In many ways, it feels like this pandemic is closing in on us or maybe it already has for you.  Maybe a co-worker has it or a friend or family member. This is exactly why I wanted to share 5 tips for planning your wedding during this Covid-19 pandemic!

I’ve witnessed the beauty in people and the struggle.  The wedding industry, in particular, has tried to be a very supportive place.  We see and recognize the pain for couples that have had to postpone or cancel their weddings. We ourselves worry about how we will continue to support or families!

I don’t want this post to be based solely on hardship so here is some help too.  

Have a Contingency Plan

Sometimes it works to go to the dark side.  I mean don’t get evil, but figure out what you would do if you needed to postpone your wedding.  You will feel so much better as the days pass and the unknown continues if you have an idea of what you will do. You won’t have to worry about what might be because you’ve already given your brain the answer.  

You might even decide to share this contingency plan with your major players in your wedding (family, friends, and vendors).  This way you know what you’re up against with changes!

Communication is Key

We all feel better when we know what’s going on!  Friends and family traveling, and all your vendors will need to know if you make changes to your wedding. 

Once you know you’re postponing your wedding you should definitely begin contacting your vendors.  They want to be there for you during this time just as much as you want them to be! Contact them before you set things so you can try to make sure you’ve secured.  

I get it.  It’s going to be very difficult to make sure you’re able to have every one of your current vendors.  You and your fiancé could rank what vendors are most important to you to be there and try to make sure you secure available dates with them first.  This is a tricky time, but decisions will need to be made. Just make sure you talk to people.  

Follow Guidance

First for whether or not you should continue with your event you’re going want to follow the guidance of what your elected officials have decided.  If there are parameters you need to maintain then you will need to follow them because so will all your vendors!

Second, you have already selected a team of people to work with you on your wedding who I’m sure are willing to help you during this time.  I know I’ve reached out to each of my couples because I don’t want them to have to feel alone in this process!

Cling Close to Love

You have each other and have chosen each other for reason.  This is a difficult time, but just by the nature of what you’re planning, you are not alone.  Take this time to care for one another and share these tasks together!

Seek the Good

Especially in times of crisis, I think it’s important to look for the good.  There is so much hardship during this pandemic and possible pain over what is lost that we can forget what we can be grateful for.  And sometimes we have to dig for it. However, I think it can be really empowering to seek things to be thankful for even through pain (Or Especially)!

The answers can come with time.  

Hopefully, this is really helpful right now.

Reach out if you need support with your wedding or have questions!