5 Things to Do At Your Wedding

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5 Things to Do At Your Wedding

I wanted to share my top 5 things to do at your wedding! There are so many things to consider when you’re planning a wedding, but these 5 ideas will help keep your day feeling stress free!

Exchange Love Notes

A lot of couples choose to give each other gifts on their wedding day which is definitely awesome, but some of my favorite moments are when couples exchange notes!  Reading the words of the person you love dearly before you say I do can be some of the most cherished you’ll have from your day!  I love hearing how often my couples get that knowing feeling of joy to be marrying their Fiance.  

First Look

Taking some moments for just the two of you on your wedding day is a must in my opinion!  One of the ways to do this is with a first look! It gives you some time together when no one else is around and just be able to take in your day.  Another reason the first look can be pretty amazing is it allows you have all the feels and get to hold each other.  When you’re walking down the aisle to the one you love you don’t really get to take it all in because so much is happening.  When you do a first look you get to see your fiancè, and actually hug them and tell them how excited you are to marry them!  

Late Night Snack

This one is a bonus for all you and all your guests!  People get so excited when towards the end of the night the late night snack rolls out!  When you’re spending so much time dancing and imbibing it’s great to have one last snack before the night ends.  Usually couples choose fun greasy food options like Taco Bell or french fries and hot dogs or McDonalds (At the Hyatt Lodge you can McDonald’s as your late night snack because it’s their campus).  It’s fun to see just how pumped your guest get when your snack comes out!

Night Shot

I adore being able to get one last shot with my couples before I headout for the evening.  Taking a night shot isn’t mandatory but like the first look it gives some extra time for just the two of you.  Also you get the benefit of a fun romantic shot!  

Skip the favors

Ok this one can be controversial, but if you can let it go I strongly suggest skipping favors.  Many times they just go to waste.  People often forget to take them home or don’t eat them.  If you’re looking to still do something nice I really love when donations are made instead.  This way there’s no waste and you’ve done some good!

Bonus Tip

Who doesn’t love a bonus tip?!  This one is really pretty general but make the wedding your own!  You will have many people have opinions or thoughts about how your day should go.  However, it really should be about what you and your fiancé want most!  

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