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Irish American Heritage Center Wedding

I’m so excited to share Amy & Paul’s wedding at the Irish American Heritage Center.  It was such a wonderful day to be a part of because all of the details were authentically them!  It could be seen in the yellow Gerbera daisies, which were Amy’s favorite.  It could be seen in the yellow and gray custom Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Taylors.  And it could be seen in their wedding ceremony, which included the love of all those gathered to celebrate them.  

It was an amazing wedding and a beautiful day.

Enjoy some of my favorites!



IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0001.jpgShort Lace Wedding DressIrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0002.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0003.jpgWedding Opals and PearlsIrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0004.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0007.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0013.jpgBride and Groom Chuck TaylorsIrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0011.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0012.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0040.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0014.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0015.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0016.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0017.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0019.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0020.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0018.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0021.jpgIrish American Heritage CenterIrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0039.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0027.jpg Irish American Heritage Center Wedding IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0026.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0022.jpg Irish American Heritage Center Wedding IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0025.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0030.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0036.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0029.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0028.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0031.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0032.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0033.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0034.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0035.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0037.jpg IrishAmericanHeritageWedding_0038.jpg

Venue:  Irish American Heritage Center

Dress:  IGIGI

Hair:  The Cat’s Meow

Flowers:  Flowers for Dreams

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