Disney Vacations and Nana Dreams AND MINI SESSIONS

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I’m from Cali and I grew up hanging out at the Mouse’s House. Disneyland was a place I spent a lot of time as a kid and worked there through high school and college.

Many people who aren’t in Southern California might not know but Disneyland has a special birthday this year. It’s turning 60. My mom also had a special birthday this year.

As soon as my mom found it was Disneyland’s 60th Birthday she has had one goal. For about a year my mom (to me) / Nana (to my kids) has been working on making the magic happen.

This would be our fourth consecutive year at Disneyland and every year I tell her we should go on a different vacation. Not because it’s not fantastic just because there is still so much traveling to be done ;) Every year we’ve ended up back at Disney. My kids love it and we have fun as family. It’s a win for everyone.

Of course she got what she wanted in the end because it is Disney’s 60th birthday (and a special birthday for the Nana how could a daughter argue with that). Disneyland may not be as big as other Disney parks but it’s where it all started. We have to celebrate!

So in August we’re dragging the whole family out to celebrate her and all our family Disney adventures.

I’m really excited to that while I’m in Cali I’m offering mini sessions. To find out more about those check out this post.

Everything’s better with pictures right?!  Here are some photos from last years summer vaca to Disneyland.


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    Beautiful as ever!!!

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