Goal Planning for 2021

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I’ve talked about planning a ton!  This is a different year so I thought I’d share how to plan your goals for 2021.

One of my favorite books that I’ve read is the 12 week year.  I love the process of figuring out your vision and then setting goals for that!  It also keeps you on track by having check-ins for your key tasks.  While I don’t follow this process exactly here’s a plan loosely based on this way of goal setting!

Gather Info

Make sure you grab the stats that are most important to your business. If you’re tracking your stats monthly it’s not that hard to get it together.  You can take down beginning stats and final stats. This will help show the growth that was made for the year!


Set time to reflect on the last year.  Look at all the stats and see if there’s any patterns.  If you saw increases in leads at certain time what were you doing at that time.  This is important to help plan for the next year!  This helps with planning your goals because you’ll have a good idea of what should be repeated and what maybe needs to stop in your business.  


Taking time to think about what would be amazing or would make life easier is the best place to start with goal setting.  Think about what you would do if there were no limits.  It really helps solidify what you really want in your business. Create a vision for the future you most want to be part of!

Set Goals

Once you know exactly where you dream your business could be, you can begin to set goals. The goals should be ones that support the dream of where you want to be! Start to narrow it down into smaller targets that will help you get to your dream.  Ask yourself what will help build towards that future?  It doesn’t mean the dream is achieved tomorrow.  It just means you have a goal for working towards it.

Create a Plan

Next after setting goals is making a plan because you can’t leave it at just a dream. The key to achieving the goals you set is creating a plan that helps make them inevitable.  Begin by brainstorming everything you can do that would ensure your goal would happen.  If you’re looking for more leads for your business start by looking at where your leads came from previously!

Check-in Days

In the 12 week year you check-in weekly to make sure you’re hitting your key tasks that will help lead to your goals.  Holding yourself accountable to your goals is easier when you have planned times to check-in.  I like to do it every two weeks. During this time look at all the tasks you planned on finishing and see if you’re tracking towards completing the tasks that will lead towards your goals.

Hopefully that helps you plan your goals for 2021 and beyond! If you’re working on building your personal brand this year reach out so we can talk about creating images that help you grow!


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