Mid-Year Reset

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Mid-Year Reset

To say 2020 is not what I expected is an understatement.  This is exactly why I’m doing a mid-year reset.  

It’s not that my goals have completely changed.  It’s just they need some fresh legs.  I didn’t plan for a pandemic along with trauma.  I’m pretty certain no one did!

Here’s the plan for this reset.

Make Time

I needed to actually make time for this planning session.  I look at my goals every quarter.  It’s a practice I’ve always had! It’s a solid way to ensure you’re planning and striving towards the most important goal to move your business forward.  Planning is one of my favorite things so that part I was doing, but what I learned was to focus on one goal at time.  Let me tell you I’m a total shiny object person.  I love my most exciting goals not necessarily all the grunt work I have to  

Clear Space

I love a great braindump!  Have you heard of it? It’s when you let all those thoughts, to-dos, ideas, projects out.  It feels so darn good to just give yourself some space to write it all out.  

I suggest using old fashion pen and paper, but I’ve used google docs to get it done too. Once all the lingering thoughts are out you can go through the list and see if there’s anything you want to eliminate right away.  I look to see if there are things I just know I don’t really need to do it. Next look for items that are more for some day in the future.  I put that on my Business Trello board for someday.  The last ones are the things I need to get done.  

Biz Review

Halfway through the year is a great time to evaluate your yearly goals.  I like to see how I’m doing as far as making progress to the big goals I want to achieve.  Quarterly goals are where I focus most of the year but at the beginning and middle of the year I check in on my yearly goals ;) 

If you check on your goals and realize you’re not exactly where you want to be or you’re even further ahead it can help you make a more informed plan for the next six months!

Build the Plan

One of my fav business “have-to’s”  really is planning.  Once you’ve done a review of the year so far it’s time to figure out where you want to go.  You might want to make some changes to your business plan now that we’re halfway through the year.  Maybe goals need shift in the second half of the year or maybe the tactics need to change.  Whatever you decide nows the time to get it set.  

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Tools I use for planning:

Elegant Excellence Journal

Passion Planner


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