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Here are the Faris’ Northwestern family photos. Family sessions are always fun to capture because I get to photograph images of your family exactly as it is today!  It’s so important to have fresh photos of your family as your kiddos grow so you have the different stages of life to remember and share!

It was such a joy to their family on the Northwestern campus.  Jon and Stephanie originally met while going to school there.  It’s really pretty awesome to be able to meet families where everything started!   

There are so many picturesque locations on the Northwestern campus!  We met on the little outlet of land that overlooks lake Michigan.  On really clear days you can see all the way to Downtown Chicago.  We made it out to take pictures before it became too cold during fall!  It was one of those days that seemed like it was going to be filled with gloom and at some point the sun made an appearance. While I love the soft cover of clouds, the sun really has my heart.  In all reality though you can’t go wrong with almost any type of daylight as long as you know what you’re doing!   

We wandered around the campus a little bit as we snapped cute family photos they shared with my and their kiddo a little bit about places they went and things they did.  The campus was filled with lovely color and beautiful spots.  They of course wanted to make sure they captured photos in locations that held a ton of meaning for them.  I think this is such a special way to do family photos because they not only got fresh photos of their family, but they also were able to have images that showcase their relationship!  

It was such an honor to capture their family and learn a little bit more about them!

Northwestern Family Photos
Fall leaves family photos
Northwestern Family Photos
Dog family photo
Northwestern Family Photos
Kid spinning
Northwestern Family Photos
Dad and daughter photo
Strolling family
Daughter and mom photo
Northwestern Family Photos

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