Spring Dreaming

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In Chicago Spring can feel like a dream. I find myself wondering if it will ever show and then in fits and spurts we get little glimpses of what Chicago can be like.

Beautiful sunshine.  Gorgeous light. Lovely flowers.

I love the cyclical process of the seasons. I love the beauty of rebirth.

It’s one of many things I appreciate as Cali-girl in the Chi! It’s not something Californians get to see in Spring. We don’t get the fours seasons like people think of change in season.

Here in Chicago I fully rejoice in the season change and warmer outfits!  I love when I get to throw on a dress instead of many many many layers (I like to stay warm ;).

There is so much joy and fascination for me in the change of seasons. I can’t wait for wedding season to be in full swing.

Enjoy the dreaming.  Here are some photos with me and my little ones last spring.  I can’t wait to break out the spring outfits.



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