The 5 Business Tools I Can’t Work Without

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5 Business Tools I can't Live without

When I was starting out with my photography I had no idea what business tools I should use.  I wasn’t sure what I needed for my business, which was so frustrating.  I felt like everywhere I looked people, with already successful businesses, were talking about how systems are so important.

I read The E-Myth Revisited, and it talked a lot about how businesses need systems to be successful.

So I get it.

I can take a hint.

Systems are crucial to making a business run (and making my family run ;) but I couldn’t do it without the awesome business tools that I use daily.

I’ve talked a lot about how I plan and how I keep up with my goals, but I haven’t shared the tools I use to get it all done.  These 5 programs, tools, and apps are used every day in my business.



Google Docs

Google Docs are the best!  I mean seriously the absolute bestest ;)  Every single piece of written content I create for my business is brainstormed, outlined, drafted and finished in google docs.  At one point I just saved everything to Dropbox, which was ok.  It got the job done, but google docs take it to a whole other level.  I love them because it simplified the process for me.  I don’t have to make sure that I’m saving anything to any where because it’s already saved.  I use the history function to look at different versions of my draft.  The bonus feature of this tool is that I can access it and edit any where I am.  


This program is a life saver.  Seriously Asana is a business tool powerhouse!  I know lots of people love trello, but I can’t really make much comparison because I only tried trello for about two seconds.  What I can say is that I love Asana!  

I have projects set up like they’re my overarching categories.  I then label the tasks in Asana as my projects.  I can create the subtasks as each of the steps in the project.  I also have it set up with my editorial calendar for my blog.  It makes things much easier because I check it for what posts to work on each week.  All my tasks that need to get done each week are posted in here as welll.  I plan my whole week at the beginning of the week so that I have an idea for when things need to be completed.




Ok 17Hats is my client management bff.  I know some people like to use Asana for project management and I do for running the structure of business.  17Hats is what makes my client management flow.  I love it for the way workflows streamline the systems for new clients.  I can set up a workflow template for all the types of client work and then when that client comes in I can initiate that template and all the guesswork is taken out.

It also ensures that each of my clients get the same client experience because it’s systemized and written out and is triggered when a couple decides to book my services.  I’m completely obsessed with the simplicity of this once I started.

I also use 17Hats for invoicing.  I can send clients quick price lists and then set up an invoice.  This really is my client bestie.  Everything is in one place.


I got Convertkit as a way to keep in touch with people through email.  I get to keep in touch and share news about new posts, what’s happening the business or when sales happen.  I also love that I have the potential to break out groups based on their interest.  

I currently have a lot going on on here on the blog.  I share about running my business, weddings and couples, and all about the stock shop.  When I have people signed up based on their interests then they get the emails they want.This way people who are only interested in weddings are hearing about running a business and the benefits of stock photos.

I know there’s so much that I can do with it, but I’m still learning all the features.  Right now it mostly is just a way to communicate.  I’m working on a FREE EMAIL Course about building your brand photos for your biz.  Go here to be the first to get it when it is available.


Adobe Photographer

Lightroom makes my life so much easier.  I could not shoot weddings without Lightroom.  There was a day (really long ago) when I edited weddings in Lightroom.  I think this was a time in my life when I wanted to spend all my time at the computer.  I joke.  Really though Lightroom is a beast and I love it.  I use Lightroom to make all of my blog graphics for my website.  I also use both programs when I’m editing my all of my stock photos!  I use Lightroom to edit and photoshop to get the photos ready for the Palm Dreams styled stock photos.

***This post does have affiliate links that pays me a small amount at no additional cost to you.  The good news is I only become an affiliate for things that I absolutely love.



The Business Tool Box

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