10 Tips for the best Chicago Wedding

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I wanted to share 10 tips for the best Chicago Wedding because I know couples really want to have an amazing day, but don’t always know what will help make this happen!  I love make the wedding process easy and carefree!

1) Hire a wedding planner

Your wedding day should be all about you and your love!  I talk about it in the secret to a stress free wedding day! this really is the greatest tip for the best Chicago Wedding or really any where. Have a wedding planner there so you have none of the stress! You want to be able to enjoy it without having to think through the logistics.  This is exactly why you need a planner.  Your planner will ensure that all the details are covered so on your day there’s no fretting!

2) Build a Timeline that Serves You

10 Tips for the best Chicago Wedding

Oh the wedding day timeline is what truly solidifies a carefree day and ensures you’re making use of great light.  Couples generally book me because they love how comfy I make them feel AND they love my style of editing.  When we build your timeline we’ll prioritize the best use of light that fits your day!  I love to help my couples customize their photo timeline to fit their needs

3) Know What’s going on in the City

This one’s really important in downtown Chicago especially if your ceremony is in a different location from your reception.  There are so many events happening in the city and knowing ahead of time so you can either avoid them altogether or at least plan for the necessary time will make the day so much easier.  Events like the Chicago Marathon, Taste of Chicago, or a Music Festival could really change the amount of time it takes to get to different locations or could possibly make it difficult to find locations that you want to be photographed!

4) Great getting ready space

Choose a space with great light and is spacious for you and your fiancé!  Taking beautiful well lit photos comes from great light! A getting ready space with that doesn’t feel cramped will help you feel more relaxed!

5) Prep Your Details Before 

Bridal Getting Ready Room

My fifth tip for an amazing wedding day is to just have all your details prepped! On your wedding day you don’t want to be running around  looking for your details.  Gather your invitation suite, jewelry, accessories, shoes, perfume, and loose blooms requested from your florist all in the same location.  Gather everything you can early the day before.  The day of your wedding you can have a bridesmaid or maid of honor be in charge of handing over your details.  The groom can do the same thing.

6) Let Family Know Where to Be

Sharing with your family prior to your wedding all the plans will make the day so much easier for you.  Let them know where to be for family photos and everyone that is in the photo.  If you plan ahead of time it really makes the day feel so much easier.  

7) Show off the City

This one’s a big one! definitely show off Chicago if that’s where you’re having your wedding! If you’re a big city person then you’ll want to think about great locations for photos that show off the city like the Wrigley building, or congress parkway or North Avenue!  These are great locations that have such stunning views.  

10 Tips for the best Chicago Wedding

8) Choose Bridal Party Locations You Love But Give Variety

There are so many great spots to be photographed on your wedding day, but there’s not always a ton of time.  One of the ways to guarantee you have more time is through planning ahead, but if you’re schedule is really tight one of the best ways to make it work is to choose a location that’s very close to another location.  One example is if you choose to do photos at the Art South Gardens Institute you can easily pair it Ida B Well Drive and get a great view of the city too!

9) Get Transportation to fit the Party

You can definitely choose to use Ubers, but if you have a whole wedding party plan to have a party bus or trolley that fits your whole wedding party and your photographer.  This allows the party to continue on the bus and if planning works I love joining on the Trolley and snapping some more candid photos for my couples :)

10) Have Fun

This one of the most important tips I can give!  Enjoy your wedding day and allow yourself to be fully present!  If you take the time to plan ahead of time and use these tips on your actual wedding day your only job will be to enjoy your day and the love of your life!

Alright those are my best tips for an Amazing Chicago Wedding!

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