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Let me tell you about Crystal and Gerard’s Chicago Japanese Garden engagement photos!  It was such a lovely early evening session. The soft light of sunset as well as the lush green park created such a beautiful backdrop for their session!

When Gerard took Crystal’s hand as they strolled along the path, the light in her eye and the sparkle in her smile brought joy to the whole session.  Crystal has a smile that makes you want to smile right back at her!  One of the gifts of getting to photograph two people who love each other so evidently and openly is that their joy feels tangible!

Chicago Japanese Garden Engagement Photos

The gardens are tucked away in Jackson Park near the Museum of Science and Industry.  While it’s easy to miss when you’re walking through the park, you certainly want to make sure you get to see the views.  The beautiful Garden scape was built by the Japanese government for World’s Columbian Exposition.  Crystal and Gerard chose to have their session their because one of their first dates was there!

They strolled along the red gravel paths of the garden and we stopped at the most picturesque locations throughout the gardens.

Chicago Japanese Garden Engagement Photos
Jackson Park Engagement Photos

Their Story

They met online as so many couples do now!  Crystal took in Gerard and thought he looked like a teddy bear.  The sweetness and ease of dating was immediate.  On their first date they went to a poetry reading and their moments felt like something right out of a movie. 

Jackson Park
Chicago Japanese Garden Engagement Photos
Chicago Japanese Garden
Garden Photos


As evening quickly approached we took advantage of all the diverse pathways. One of my favorite parts of the Gardens were the interesting bridges.  They made for breathtaking moments I was able to capture while Crystal and Gerard were able to enjoy just being together!

Japanese Garden Bridge
Jackson Park Engagement Photos
Japanese Garden Engagement Photos

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