12 Different Places to Use Styled Stock Photos

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There are so many places you can use styled stock photos in your blog and business. I can’t share enough how great brand photography and stock photography are as an investment in your business.12 Different Places to Use Stock PhotosI’ve already shared how to work with your stock photos, but at times people get lost about where to use them.

There are so many ways you can use your stock photos or brand photos once you have them. There’s also a lot of versatility in the use of one photo, which is why I share how to work with photos.

12 Different Uses for Styled Stock Photos


Visual posts get so much more engagement than posts without graphics. So it’s smart to use stock photos with your social media posts because beautiful professional styled photos help you build brand credibility. There are so many places to use great photography on your social media accounts.


Instagram is a great place to use stock photos because it’s completely visually driven. You can use a phot by itself or you can overlay text to share a message. This one I think is a pretty obvious location. When you have quality photos it enhances your brand and business.


Facebook also has many places you could use styled stock photos. One place to use stock photos is the header image on your Facebook Page. Another place stock photos can be used is on your posts. Engaging images can entice people to pay attention. Also great photos can be used to enhance your Facebook Ads and posts.


While twitter is super chatty don’t discount the power of using photos make your posts stand out. It’s also a great place to use stock photography because most people aren’t pulling through images as often so they really draw attention to your posts when you do!


Pinterest is another one of huge places to use styled stock photos because having kick butt blog graphics draws readers in. So you want to make sure you’re using fab imagery that you can then pin to your Pinterest account.


List building is an essential part of business and marketing.  It is especially important if you’re running a business online.  There are two key places to use styled stock photos if you’re working on list building.

Opt-in Graphics

Visuals will help draw readers eye so that they look at your opt-in more closely. With strong visuals your opt-ins are more likely to gain attention.  I use stock photos for my opt-in graphics for my FREE photo email course opt-in page, and any opt-in really ;)

Opt-in PDFs

When you’re creating pdfs it can be nice to have beautiful images in it to go along with all the knowledge you’re dropping.


Your website is the place where you can use styled stock photos the most.  It’s a great way to refresh a website and add style.

Sidebar Graphics

Using pictures to make your sidebar pop can be an easy way to make your website look even better!

Website Header

The header is the first part of your website people see. You want it to bring people in immediately. This is where great stock photos can do the heavy lifting.

Blog Post Graphic

This one I think is the more obvious one. People often use photos and graphics to make a feature graphic for their blog posts. It really is a great way to draw in readers by featuring gorgeous stock photos at the front of your post.


Widgets are often those graphic representation of organization on your website. You want to share about other parts of business, then there’s often a widget for that. Using stock photography can be a great way to dress up your widgets to make them look that much better.


Like I’ve said before marketing with styled stock photos adds to your brand.  It helps establish your style and can set you apart.

Webinar Slides

Using stock photos for webinar slides or as graphic additions to your slides can make your presentation more interesting to watch. Having great stock photography throughout adds reasons to stay and pay attention to the webinar.

Printed Materials

Great photography only enhances a brand. Having great designed marketing materials with stock photos throughout can only add to the visual appeal.

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