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New Etsy Stock Shop Palm Dreams


New Etsy Stock Shop Palm Dreams

I’m so excited about my new styled stock photos etsy shop.  This Etsy store was a total labor of love.  I wanted to be able to create pretty images more often.  I wanted to be able to play and make something lovely.  I also see how difficult it can be to come up with visual content for your own creative business.  Here are just a few of the important reasons for my new stock shop Palm Dreams Stock Photos.

 The Need For Styled Stock Photos

I decided to make my etsy shop when I saw just how difficult it was to decide on visual content for my own business.  I mean it really just should have been so easy.  I had the added benefit that I actually take photos.  I have lots of photos to decide from and I still couldn’t always decide what I wanted to use.  I thought about how frustrating it must be when you’re trying to grow your business and you’re not able to find photos that truly represent your style.  I wanted to make it easier for other creatives and I wanted to photograph more.  Being able to shoot more is everything.  It’s like they say writers write, singers sing, and photographers photograph.

Power of Visual Content

Visual content is every where.  From pinterest, instagram, from facebook to twitter images always enhance a post.  When you’re not already naturally a photographer it can be so much more difficult to find enough images that represent you and your brand well.  This is why I initially wrote the essential guide to taking beautiful photos.  I wanted to share with other creatives how to shoot gorgeous images.  Then I decided I could help even more by creating images people can use immediately by creating the shop Palm Dreams!

Styled Stock for Creative Entrepreneurs

The shop is for creative entrepreneurs who want to have beautiful images to enhance their blog, website, and social media I get it there are so many things we have to get done as business owners.  I think entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people I know.  Palm Dreams is open to serve creative business owners so that you can work on your business and not have to worry about the images they’re using for their business.


Want FREE stock now?  I’m excited to share some simple styled stock to enhance your biz now!  You’ll also be the first to know when the shop has new images added!


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