3 Ways To Do a Goal Check-in to Help Grow Your Business

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3 Ways To Do a Goal Checkin to Grow Your Business

Reading is one of my favorite things to do.  I have to legit make time for it because with kiddos business and family it can get kind of difficult to find the time but I make it happen.  

I recently read the 12 Week Year and it totally changed how I looked at goal setting.

The basic premise is if you treat your goal setting process like something that happens in 12 week increments instead of once a year then you will achieve more of your goals each year.  The idea is that you will feel the same urgency you feel towards the end of the year, and you will get stuff done.

It’s amazing what a little urgency can do for goal setting.  I’ve used tools like Lara Casey’s Powersheets before and I love to use my Day Designer to brainstorm my daily and weekly planning, but reading the 12 Week Year just gave me so much more clarity around goals.  I loved doing the goal setting in each of the other tools, but I really like to know the why behind a system.  Reading the 12 Week Year gave me the why.

Before you can put these checks into place you need to know what your goals are in your business.  If you’re still trying to plan out your goals check out this post it has free quick planning guide so you can focus on what your goals should be based on for your business.  

The other key factor in goal setting is making sure you’re setting SMART goals.  I know this is goal setting 101, but it’s crucial.  The quick breakdown of a SMART goal is it’s Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Time based.  

When you have your goal set then you want to write down all the things you can do to reach your goals.

Then write out all your tactics to reach your goals.   Once you’ve done goal setting and planned how you can reach the goal you’re ready to start tracking your progress.  Here are three ways to do a goal checkup.

Schedule in Personal Goal Checks

One of the first ways to track your progress towards your goals is to make sure you’ve set a plan of when you’re going to check in.  I like to check in weekly and monthly.  

I spend time planning out my week most Sunday’s.  This allows me to figure out my life and business priorities for the week.  I do a weekly check-up on my goals when I’m planning for my next week.

If this is already starting to seem like a lot of steps don’t worry I made a quick checklist for you (Grab it below).

Next I look at all the tactics I wanted to get done for that week and see if anything still needs to get done.  If so I plan how it will fit into the next week.

By checking in on my weekly completion progress I know if I’m starting to get closer to my bigger goal.  This also works for projects that I need to get done. These weekly checks are built into the 12 Week Year plan.

I also do monthly checks to look at the overall bigger picture.  I look to find out stats that either show progress to my goals or show that it’s not working.  If there’s not a positive trend towards my goal then I know I need to rethink some of the things I’m doing.

If you want to have each of these steps laid out for you, don’t forget to grab the quick checklist that takes you through the steps of doing your own personal check-in system in your business.

Meeting in a Mastermind

Another way to hold yourself accountable to your goals is to meet in a mastermind.  

When you meet in a mastermind there are other people who know what you’re working towards and what you are doing to get there.  This can be so helpful to making growth in your business.  

When you join a mastermind you get to part of a community of other focused business owners.  Each member is also trying to drive their business forward.

It can be powerful to talk about what you want to accomplish.  It can also continue to keep you excited about what you want to get done in your business.

Having someone else who cares about your business and growth can feel amazing because then you’re not alone as a solopreneur.  They’ll cheer you on and help you.

There’s also the benefit of shared knowledge.  Each person has a different skill sets that make them unique, and when you’re in a group where everyone wants you to be successful people are willing to help you achieve your goals.  You’ll still have to do the work but maybe you will get there a little quicker.

I currently virtually meet with one of my biz friends and it is everything.  We discuss our goals, and then we discuss what we plan to do to get there.  The next time we meet we can discuss how it went, and share anything we feel we need change.  We also send each other little encouraging reminders to get it done.

If you’re looking for a mastermind the Little Black Desk Society fosters an amazing community of women.  The facebook community is open to everyone, but the masterminds open quarterly.  I have found so much value in being a part of this facebook community.  It’s always been amazing to be around other women who want to support each other.

Pay for a Coach

The third thing you could do to set up biz checkpoints would be to get a coach.  

This I believe is similar as getting into a mastermind but there’s more concentrated time spent on you and your biz.  It is a financial investment, which can sometimes be more motivating to get work done because you don’t want to waste your investment.

I haven’t hired a coach yet because I think one of the most important things you can do when getting a coach is to decide what you need and want from your coaching experience.

There are so many great coaches out there.  You just need to find the right coach for you.  Do you need to work on your sales then maybe you need a sales coach.  Do you need to work on your systems, then maybe you need a coach who specializes in organization.  Do you need to work on your mindset then maybe you need a coach who specializes in mindset work.  

You just need to figure out what will push your business forward.

Don’t forget to grab your checklist below then let me know how you track your progress towards your goals.

***There are some affiliate links in this post, but I only share products that I absolutely love

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