4 Reasons Why You Should Do a First Look

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Why You Should Do A First LookWhy You Should Do A First Look

What is a First Look

A first look on the wedding day is when the Bride and groom decide to see each other before they say I Do.  It can be one of the most romantic moments of the day.

There are so many reasons couples opt to do a first look.  Below are some of best benefits of deciding to do a first look.

You Will Look the Best for Your Portraits

Ok who doesn’t want to look fantastic in a picture?   Of course we all want to look our best, and bonus this is one of the added benefits to having a first look.  You get to have portraits taken when your hair and makeup is look amazing.  

The first part of the day is when you’ve just taken the time to get ready.  Not a lot of action has happened yet.  Often times there’s been a whole team helping the bride look her most beautiful.  It makes complete sense you look amazing at this point so you should have pictures taken together then.

An Intimate Moment with Your Soon to be Spouse

I’m going to be honest.  A first look can be one of the most beautiful moments of the whole day.  It is one of the few moments throughout the day that you have just for yourselves.  Throughout your whole wedding you’re often being wonderful hosts to your guests.  

This is moment just between the two of you, and you have a photographer there to capture it so you remember it for always.  It is so amazing to get to hold space for each other, and let the other one know just how excited you are to be with them for always.  It’s a beautiful way to share in each other.

A wedding day can be so limited on time, so it’s fantastic to have some time that is just for you two.  You will be in high speed the whole day so to have a first look is to have each other for a little bit of time even if it’s only for just a few moments.

Relax the Rest of the Day

Another reason couples love having a first look is because it tends to calm all the nervous energy.  Usually after the first look my couples feel so much more relaxed the rest of the day.  I see it in the way they interact.  I see it the in the pictures.  

There is something powerful about being in the presence of your love that calms couples down.

It can also be a relief to know that one of the part of the day is taken care of, and you both are ready to commit to do it together.  Once you’ve seen each other there always seems to be less stress.

Have More Time for Bridal Portraits

Lastly and maybe a little selfishly in service of my couples I think a major incentive to a first look is the added time for bridal portraits.  It can also be a day saver when the sunsets early.  When you have a first look it creates space in the timeline for bridal portraits.

I’ve said it before a wedding day moves fast, and even the most well planned weddings can get behind.  When you have a first look you’re able to take photos immediately.  You don’t have to worry about down time that can’t be used.  It is often the best use of the time that we have together.

Doing a first look can make the day run smoothly.  You have time to take portraits together and there’s not a rush.  There are more opportunities to get beautiful bridal portraits.

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