5 Most Important Things To Do Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

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5 Things to Do Before You Hire a Wedding Photographer

So you’re engaged!  Woot woot! Pass the champs!  

You’re starting to dream about your day (Personally, one of my favorite parts)!  Maybe you’re perusing Pinterest or scrolling through hashtags on Insta and you’re starting to think about #allthedetails

Maybe you even think you’re ready to start reaching out to vendors.  But wait there are some things to consider before you get started!

#1 Be Engaged

I know this one might make you LOL a little because well, of course, you’re engaged BUT just in case!  If you haven’t gotten engaged yet you do not need to look for your photographer quite yet! Though we do love when you love on our work ;)  Just sit back and enjoy all the pretty weddings (Link to Gallery)!

#2 Set Your Date

This is one of the most important things to do before you can reach out to any vendors.  Sometimes it’s easy to choose. Your first date was on a certain day and it happens on to be on the weekend the year you want to get married so you pick that one.  Or maybe Your current anniversary falls on a weekend for the day you want to get married so that’s the number one choice.

Other times it has more to do with the season.  You’ve always pictured a wedding filled with fall colors.  You always wanted to have a summer wedding because that season’s all about fun anyway!  Or maybe it’s logistics and the easiest date to get married is on a specific day or time of year.  Any reason is fine, just have a date!

#3 Confirm Your Venue

Now dates are well in good but they don’t mean as much until you’ve confirmed your venue!  You want to make sure you have the venue you want secured! This ensures you won’t be making many changes.

It can be difficult sometimes to confirm your date until you’ve confirmed your venue because you just might fall in love with one and be willing to have some flexibility with your date!  So make sure you lock this one in before you get your wedding photographer.

#4 Know Your Photography Style

Don’t let this confuse just because you’re not a photographer or artsy yourself!  It still makes sense to spend some time thinking about this! These are going to photograph you cherish for a lifetime!  You might want to think about the style of photography you want! Do you want light, bright, and airy images? Great, I’m your girl!  If you want dark and moody photos then you might need to keep looking.

#5 Know the General Timeline for Events

You don’t need to know full details about the day!  It’s so much easier to choose your wedding packages when you have an idea of the time of the ceremony and reception.  With that information, you can better gauge the time you’ll need to tell the true story of the day.

Alright, you’re ready?

Make sure you head here to contact me so we can chat about your wedding and secure your date :)


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