The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wedding Timeline

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Here’s the ultimate guide to creating a wedding timeline that’s perfect for you as a couple.

A quality wedding timeline really helps the day flows.  Your wedding will feel so much better when you know that the whole day is taken care of.  This is the beauty of the timeline!

I make sure that each of my couples has a custom timeline that fits their day!  This is even more essential when you don’t have a wedding planner or coordinator!

Know Your Ceremony and Reception Times

Your ceremony and reception are the core of the day.  Everything else gets planned around these times. Once these are set it’s easiest to figure how much coverage you need for your day and it’s so much easier to plan out the rest of your wedding.  

Things you want to keep in mind and consider for your day are: if you have a large gap between your ceremony and reception if you have a late or early start to the day, what type of ceremony you’re choosing, and the travel time between these places.  All of these factors determine the time you have for bridal portraits or getting ready photos. Things that can help create more time in your day are First Looks or shorter travel times or even having a long time between your ceremony and reception.

Know the Start and  End Times For Vendors

As your photographer, I completely figure out the logistics for how you’ll get the best use of your time and offer options for you.  All you need to do is know when you’re make-up service will start and end or when your videographer will begin and end. This helps me better plan your day so that you can have a day that you love!

Know Your Bridal Party

Will they be the types to fall in line or will they need a little bit more direction because of how much fun they’re having?  Either way it will be an amazing day, but you might want to keep this in mind! It’s always great when you have a day filled with fun because I love it!

Know When Sunset Is

This is most important for my winter wedding friends!  As a natural light photographer, I love when we have a beautiful daytime light to work with.  

This is why knowing when sunset is will help us gauge when to do bridal portraits or you might even consider first look to have more daylight to play in.  If you love beautiful bright and light photos for bridal portraits then you definitely want to make sure you have great light available!

Know the Key Shots or Details You Really Want

As a wedding photographer I know the photos you need to have for your day, but what I really need to know are the photos that you want to remember!  The close-up of the locket your grandma gave you, or best friends from college altogether, or the special details you added to the centerpiece. These important photos are the ones that are unique to your wedding and if you don’t share them with I don’t know if they’re there!

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to book your wedding photographer yet make sure you read this first!

Want a wedding day that’s carefree and easy?

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