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Sometimes you meet someone and you know you can’t put into words how right it is. The words just don’t come out that way!  Amy and Paul definitely understand feelings that are bigger than words!  I was so excited to meet up with them for their Belmont Harbor Chicago Engagement Session.

When you meet your person, you know! They know. Words may often times be too much. Labels may not seem entirely right. BUT their hearts know they are meant to be together. When I am with them I know it too. I can feel all the hearts and l.o.v.e.

I loved watching them together. Having fun together. There is nothing like watching people in l.o.v.e. We had a great time wandering around Belmont Harbor for their engagement session. They braved the early morning for some dreaming morning light.

They brought Lucy the other member of their family to enjoy the session with them.  This little spitfire of a dog held her own during the portraits!

I adore these two people so much and I hope you love their photos!


Belmont Harbor Engagement

Belmont Harbor Engagement
Dog Engagement Session
Engagement Session
Announce Engagement

Lake Michigan Engagement

Engagement and Pets
Lake Michigan Engagement Session

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