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I’ve wanted for a long time to talk about biz stuff on my blog. I’ve dabbled in it over the year but I was always really timid. Letting fear of judgements of my thoughts and ideas keep me from sharing too much.

The thing is I love talking about business and entrepreneurship and being boss. I love running my own business. I love making my hours, making decisions and planning for my biz!

I also tried following the advice about blogging and how I should be blogging for my business. To a certain extent I think it’s great to follow the rules but if I’m feeling stifled then it’s not exactly a smart choice.

This is my business and I get to decide what works for me. If I want to share my ideas or thoughts on business then I can totally do it. This is the beautiful, fabulous, wonderful, awesome thing about being boss!

So I’m going to start writing more about running a business. Not because I know everything about it but because it fascinates me, and i love it. I’ve spent so much time talking about business, reading about business, and now I’m going to get some writing in about being a boss.

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