Character Breakfast with Disney Pros :: Cali Vaca 2015 Part 2

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For the fist part of our trip to Disneyland my Brother and sister-in-law joined in to celebrate my mom’s birthday and Disneyland’s birthday.  I lovingly call them Disneyland Pros because they’ve been to every Disney theme park available and still love going.  They were only able to join us for the weekend, but we were able to fit so much in with a little planning (pool-time, parades, water shows, and more, hence the nickname).

Their last day us we were able to the Character Breakfast at the Paradise Pier Hotel.  It’s absolutely amazing to watch the kids get excited about seeing the Mickey, Minnie and their pals.  My little guy couldn’t get enough of going over to dance with Stitch and grabbing some extra hugs from Mickey.

The best part was while we were all catching up at the end of our breakfast we didn’t notice that Daisy had decided to stay and cuddle with my little guy.  He loved every last second of it and talked about it for the rest of the trip.  It was one of those moments that I wished I had my camera out to catch it and hold it in place but I’m glad I have the memory tucked away to remember.

Here are the few that I got during the weekend.  It was so few that I decided from that point on I needed to make sure I had it out more often!


p.s. You can find Part 1 of our vacation here.

Disney-Pros-Character-Breakfast_0001.jpgMy Disney Family Pros.  Please note the Mickey Mouse attire ;)

Disney-Pros-Character-Breakfast_0002.jpgAll the extra hugs for this little guy!

Disney-Pros-Character-Breakfast_0003.jpgSome hugs after dancing with Stitch.


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