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Oh, friends let me tell you about Jordan and Tommy’s gorgeous Chicago Engagement Photos.  We spent a beautiful night walking through the gardens by the Lincoln Park Honeycomb and strolled along the Chicago Riverwalk.  It was a dream! They are the sweetest couple. I loved catching the adoring gazes and happy laughing smiles they gave to each other as they held on tight to each other.

It felt like magic being at the Honeycomb where Tommy proposed to Jordan.  In the gardens surrounding the Pavillion, with their friends hidden all around, Tommy asked Jordan to spend forever together.   They sweetly snuggled close to each other right in the spot that started their wedding journey.  

They’ve been together since college and supported each other as they’ve each have grown, moved forward in their lives.  It’s obvious they value each other. I’m so excited that I had the opportunity to capture this time in their lives before they become Mr. & Mrs at The Hyatt Lodge.   I hope you love this session as much as I did!  I had so many favorites from their enagement photos that it was hard to decide what to share!  Enjoy!


Nikole Marie

South Pond Skyline View
South Pond Gardens
Chicago Engagement Photos_0003.jpg
Gardens Surrounding South Pond
Chicago Skyline with a Couple
Honeycomp Garden
Honeycomb Engagement
Smiling Love
Honeycomb Engagement Photos
Honeycomb in South Pond
South Pond Garden walk
Chicago Engagement Photos_0013.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0012.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0014.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0015.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0016.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0021.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0020.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0018.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0017.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0022.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0019.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0023.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0024.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0025.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0027.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0026.jpg
Chicago Engagement Photos_0028.jpg

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