Goals for Growing My Business in August & July Recap

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Goals for Growing My Business in August

July was my first month working full time in my business!  Woot woot!


It was way more difficult then I thought it would be!  Time is different during the summer.


My business goals were always on my mind this month, but with two kiddos running around, it can be difficult to get everything I want to get done, when I want it done.  


I thought, since my kiddos each have activities every day, I would be set.  I thought because I had the days free I would get so much done. It just didn’t happen exactly like this.  


Things got done just not always during the day.  Sometimes I was working at night well after everyone was in bed.


Part way through July I figured out I had to tell friends and family I couldn’t get together during the day.  I just only had a few precious hours to get work done, and it still wasn’t nearly enough.


I had to guard my time because not everyone recognized it as my business time.  Between Holidays, family visits, and surprise family visits I struggled to find all the time I thought I was going to have!  So I needed to be careful with the hours I did have.  Enjoy my goals for how I’m growing my business in August!

July Goal Recap

July didn’t go exactly how I planned, and I’ve told myself that’s ok.  I feel like I spent a lot of time getting used to working for myself full-time.  This is still a work in progress. I think the part where I really excelled this month was batching my blog post writing.  I still need to work on doing things that will benefit ME long term, so I tried to be more specific in my August goals. 


  1. Editorial Systems – This improved tremendously this month!  I want to continue to get the process down and be able to batch more of my posts.
  2. Social Media Systems – Pinterest!!!  I tackled Pinterest this month and really got feel like I started to see improvement.  I’ll write about it soon. I tripled the amount of traffic coming to my site with this alone.  I still need to make sure there is consistency to my facebook posts and my instagram posts. These are going to be put into my batch days for next month.
  3. Automations – This one was a bust.  I’m not putting it on my goals list for August and I plan on revisiting this in September.



  1. Re-establishing my morning routine – Oh morning routines.  I so want to have more morning routine established, but I followed it maybe 5 times because getting up early just wasn’t happening.  
  2. Create a nighttime ritual – This I followed when it came to reading.  I just need to make sure I turn off electronics sooner. Such the struggle.
  3. Reading 1 fun book and 2 biz books in July – I got one of each read.  Next month I plan to get both done!


Goals for Growing My Business in August

This month I’m looking for clearer numbers to track.  Each week I’m going to track the goals in trello using a checklist.  Here’s the break down for how I’m growing my business this month!


  1. Create 2 blog posts every week
  2. Create 1 newsletter for my email list every week  (If you’re not on the list yet, get the FREE email course to walk you through taking photos of your own handmade business and get added to the list)
  3. Post to Facebook 3 x per week
  4. Post to Instagram 3 x per week
  5. Schedule Pinterest posts weekly


  1. Wake up at 6 am 5 days per week and complete my morning routine.
  2. Go to bed by 10:30 pm 6 days per week (Wedding nights never end to be early nights)
  3. Read 1 fun book and 2 business books


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