How to Hire a Quality Wedding Photographer

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How To Hire a Quality Wedding Photographer

Dreaming of your perfect wedding can be so much fun!  Sometimes the actual planning is not as fun! It can be hard to make the right decision and know it’s exactly what you need for your wedding day!

Here are some easy tips to make sure you hire a quality wedding photographer

Know Your Schedule

Having about your general timeline can be really helpful when choosing a photographer.  

You might not need as much coverage as you think or you might need more, but having a plan can help you make choices.  I like to help my couples make informed decisions about the type of choices for the collections they need. Sometimes it makes sense for your day to have a smaller collection.

Determine Your Musts

Know what you want to be covered.  Know the exact pieces of your wedding that mean the most for you.  This way you know what parts need to be photographed. For example, you really don’t need to have all of your getting ready photographed.  Also when you have two photographers covering the reception 30 minutes of open dance will more than do it for photos!

Look at their Blog Posts as well as their Gallery

Spend some time getting to know your photographer!  We love when you appreciate the work that we do. While being price informed is great, actually loving the work that you see is even better.  

Ask for Recommendations

When in doubt ask for recommendations or suggestions.  Find out what other people loved about their photographer and what they would do differently!

I love when I get the chance to chat with my couples.  Listening to your love story and what is important to you as a couple is one of the best parts of my job :)

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