How to Make Time for Creativity

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How to Make Time for Creativity


Use Time Blocking

Time blocking is a magical part of time management for me.  I break my day into blocks of times to focus on certain activities.  For example I don’t check my email all throughout the day.    

When I block out my time at the beginning of the week everything flows a bit better.  I have a template for what most weeks look like that I start from then I build out based on that.  

I schedule blocks of time for working in my business such as client work, writing blog posts, or photographing stock photos.  I also schedule time for working on my business such as looking at my progress towards my goals, creating my new couples guide (coming soon), or updating my website.

Weeks where I work from this plan from the beginning I get twice as much work done.  I’m not wondering what I need to get done throughout the week because it’s already been planned.  If you’re looking for ways to make your weeks run smoother than give time blocking a try.  Decide how you’re going to use your time and be strategic.  

Batch Activities

Do the same activities together.  Ok I already talked about how my blocks of time are structured and batching is how I work within a block of time.  This is what makes me get shtuff done.  

I think batching can be done many different ways.  Some people do themed days.  So Tuesday could be devoted completely to all things social media.  Planning social media posts,

Doing similar business tasks like writing blog posts or preparing blog images together helps me knock out a bunch of work at the same time.  It also keeps my brain on track.  I talk a little bit about why I switched to batching in this post (enter planning post).

Schedule It

This might be obvious after I said I do time blocking and batching, but the next thing I do is I make time for it by putting it into my schedule.  If I don’t have it in my schedule that I’ll make time for being creative then it really doesn’t happen.  

I have to build the time into my schedule.  I’m so busy with all the things that make things move that if I do not put it into my schedule I won’t find the time to get done.  Then once it’s in the schedule I have to get serious about letting me have that space.  Since there are so many things that I need to get done, it can seem like an unnecessary luxury to allow myself the time, but it is so essential.  So I make the time and then hold those times.

Be Prepared

Most things flow best when you’re prepared.  Right?  Isn’t that why Scouts follow that rule.  

I just mean if you want to be able to find time to be creative make sure you already have the supplies you need.  If you want to paint have paints.  If you want to take pictures have items or people to photograph.  If you want to knit have needles.  If you want to write have your journal or computer or typewriter ;) ready.  

This will make it so much easier for you.  Once your time comes you can use that time to play in your creativity.

Make Mental Space

This idea might be a little more woo woo than the other practical ideas above, but I think meditating and journaling really help create space.  When you have time to get thoughts out and clear your mind I believe it completely leaves you open to more creativity.

I have read so many reasons why both activities are beneficial to anyone’s well being but I’ll just share why it’s helpful for me.  If I give myself the actual time to get stuff done, but I’m more concerned about all the things, then it defeats the purpose.  I feel like it gives me more freedom.

My Own Creativity

These were the exact strategies I used to make time for creating my Etsy stock photo shop Palm Dreams.  It was more of a passion project than necessary work.  I had to take make room for it in order to make it happen.  I had to batch tasks to plan it out. I got all of the supplies I was going to use all at once so I could shoot all at one time.

Bonus – Reading

I think one of the best ways to pull on my creativity is through the reading I do.  Two great books that have inspired the creativity in me are Big Magic  and The Artists Way.

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