How to Use Elegant Winter Wedding Colors

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How to Use Elegant Winter Wedding Colors

How to Use Elegant Winter Wedding Colors

Winter weddings are always so beautiful.  The contrast between elegant wedding colors with the bare trees is instantly breathtaking.  One of my favorite ways to use elegant winter colors is using deep wine colors. Florals with wine colors look classically beautiful and add a elegance to the whole day.

No matter how you decide to plan your day it’s important to know what you want.  Do not let the allure and fun of Pinterest take over your day.  It’s completely your day and it’s important that it means much to you, so having an idea of your own style and the style for your wedding can help ensure a more focused day.  Here are a few tips on how to use elegant wedding colors.

Keep it Simple

A gorgeous winter wine color wedding is bold and beautiful, but if the whole wedding is filled with the color it can feel heavy.  You don’t want the day feel as though it’s wedding color throw up.  Every detail does not need to be in your color that’s what accents are for.  Choose coordinating colors that accent the color and add a new dimension.  This will give the deep winter color more pop during the day.


Once you know your venue this can help you decide if choosing a elegant winter color works for your wedding location.  Having a venue with a lot neutral colors can make it easier to choose colors, but this isn’t the case for every wedding location.  Sometimes once you know your venue you’ll know how you want to use an elegant wine color.  If the space is already really dark you might not want to incorporate dark linens or too many heavy dark florals.   


Flowers are one of the best ways to add color and pop to your wedding day.  It’s also really great for adding dimension to your wedding day details.  By adding lighter color florals with the deep wine color it lighten ups the whole day.

Details that Coordinate

This goes with adding florals that make the day pop.  The details should coordinate but not necessarily match.   Too much matching can be boring and not as interesting.  Having details that coordinate throughout the day helps tell a story and keeps the day consistent.  


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