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Tiffany and Koa’s Long Beach Aquarium Engagement Session began early in the morning so we could be some of the first people in.  We decided to enjoy the surrounding walkways and a little bit of the scenery around the aquarium before going in.  The lush greens and the sparkling ocean make a lovely backdrop!

I’ve known Tiffany since high school but it had many years since we had seen or talked to each other.  I met her fiance Koa for the first time at their engagement session.  While Tiffany has of course grown up and changed as we all do after school, she is still bubbling with personality and fun.  It didn’t surprise me a bit that her and her fiance are so playful and obviously have a great time together.

The Aquarium is a special place for them because right across the street Koa proposed to Tiffany.  They told me the story together of how he did it and was beautiful to hear them share it and how he included the people important to their relationship.

The day was beautiful and sunny.  I had the best time talking to an old friend and meeting the love of her life.  It’s so obvious spending time with them that they are perfect for each other and that they compliment each other so well.  Their love and joy is truly special to be around.

Thanks so much Tiff and Koa for spending such a wonderful morning with me and allowing me to be a part of your story.

xoxo Nikole


2015-09-30_0019.jpg Long Beach Aquarium Engagement Session 2015-09-30_0021.jpg 2015-09-30_0023.jpg 2015-09-30_0024.jpg 2015-09-30_0026.jpg 2015-09-30_0027.jpg 2015-09-30_0025.jpg Long Beach Aquarium Engagement Session 2015-09-30_0031.jpg 2015-09-30_0029.jpg 2015-09-30_0030.jpg 2015-09-30_0032.jpg 2015-09-30_0033.jpg 2015-09-30_0035.jpg 2015-09-30_0034.jpg 2015-09-30_0036.jpg 2015-09-30_0037.jpg

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