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I can not believe that my little girl is 6 years old!  The time is just flying by.  I feel as though I can’t catch all of the moments fast enough.

When our daughter came into our lives everything in our lives changed.  We wanted to be more and accomplish more so that she could have more.  Now she is six and while we as parents have done a lot what she has done as a tiny human continues to amaze me.

I adore my daughter’s spunky personality.  Her strong spirit, complete confidence, and independence.  She knows what she likes and she doesn’t back down.  She is very social and is always willing to introduce herself so she can play with a new friend.  I’m amazed at the young person she is growing into and I am so fortunate to get to watch my little girl grow up.

Below are just a few from her 6 year old photo shoot because of course that’s what happens when your mom is a photographer!  We went down to Montrose Harbor in Chicago and I let my girl run her heart out, enjoy observing the lake and just be herself.  It was beautiful to see and capture!

2015-08-24_0002.jpg 2015-08-24_0004.jpg 2015-08-24_0005.jpg 2015-08-24_0006.jpg 2015-08-24_0008.jpg 2015-08-24_0017.jpg 2015-08-24_0009.jpg 2015-08-24_0010.jpg 2015-08-24_0011.jpg2015-08-24_0001.jpg 2015-08-24_0012.jpg 2015-08-24_0013.jpg 2015-08-24_0014.jpg 2015-08-24_0015.jpg 2015-08-24_0018.jpg 2015-08-24_0016.jpg 2015-08-24_0019.jpg






  1. Michelle says:

    Awwww beautiful pictures! Happy, Happy 6th birthday girlie! You are precious. I love you!!

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