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7 Amazing Wedding BlogsI have to say even though I get to see a lot of beautiful weddings I still go a little gaga for each one I see. I melt each time! I love to look at the amazing styles people are trying for their weddings or new concepts that stylists are coming up with for their weddings.

I’m a complete sucker for beautiful paper and lovely calligraphy. I love a gorgeous floral arrangement. My collection of wedding ideas and inspiration on pinterest is ridiculous. I can’t help but love all the amazing ideas out there.  I get totally inspired myself and have to create shoots like this one.  I love every chance I get to be creative.

I also love the DIY concepts that so many bloggers come up with. In my mind I’m a total Martha Stewart but in reality I couldn’t glue gun my way out of a Michael’s to save my life. I’ve been crocheting the same scarf for about 6 years now. I’m sure it will eventually get done maybe.

I’m often wandering the web to find the next pretty thing that will melt my heart and get my mind moving.  Here are Seven of the most swoon worthy wedding blogs.  Each of these blogs have a style all their own.  Read what makes each one so beautifully special.

Style Me Pretty is exactly what it’s name says pretty.  When I get on Style me pretty I go crazy pinning.  The weddings and styled shoots are always beautiful.  It leaves me dreaming of the next wedding I’ll shoot or inspires me to create new shoots. They are always choosing to feature weddings and shoot that are beautiful and unique.

100 Layer Cake I love this blog because they have a wedding site and family site.  I get all googly eyed looking at all their amazing weddings and then turn to mush checking out the families that are featured.  Their DIY ideas totally have me thinking I could get my artsy craftsie on!

Ruffled I’m a sucker for this site and not just because I’ve been published on their website.  I love the gorgeous weddings they feature and all the great ideas they have for a wedding.  The shoots are always really beautiful and feminine.  AND the practical side of me loves that you can sell wedding stuff that you no longer want.  Totally amazing!

Grey Likes Weddings screams refinement or should I say in a very lady like way tells exactly what it is ;) This classy little wedding blog features gorgeous styled shoots and weddings.  You can explore real weddings by season and by color which is amazing for getting ideas for your wedding.  There’s also beautifully curated wedding shopping that can be done.  I adore this site for it’s beautiful elegant weddings and its sophisticated style.

Green Wedding Shoes always makes my heart skip a beat.  I adore this site because of all the beautiful natural weddings it showcases.  So often you get to see a bride and groom in these gorgeous sweeping landscapes.  It really is breathtaking skipping along this blog.

Once Wed is fantastic because it has a little bit of everything.  If your planning your day it has ideas for that.  If your looking to take on DIY projects for your wedding it has ideas for that.  If you just want to look at beautiful weddings you can do it here too.  I love just how much wedding information you can find.

Glamour and Grace beautifully showcases weddings and styled shoots that want to preserve family memories.  Whether the bride is wearing her mother’s gown or they using rings passed down for generations this blog lovingly curates beautiful details.  I love the idea of family heirlooms.  I think it’s beautiful when an gown or ring or chair becomes a part of family’s history.  This is why I absolutely swoon over going to this website.

Bonus blog you should definitely check out!

The Black Tie Bride I love the elegance of this blog.  When I’m clicking around on this site I think classic and timeless kinda like a pencil skirt!  The weddings that are featured are gorgeous and full of inspiration.

Let me know what wedding blogs or any other blogs that you just can’t keep your eyes off of.


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