Reading is one of my favorite things to do.  I have to legit make time for it because with kiddos business and family it can get kind of difficult to find the time but I make it happen.   I recently read the 12 Week Year and it totally changed how I looked at goal […]


A Year in Review Ok I was hesitant to post this because January has passed, but I think it’s important to plan your year. I did this work back in January, but I didn’t get around to writing the blog post until now.  I decided it definitely still has value because there might be someone […]


I’ve wanted for a long time to talk about biz stuff on my blog. I’ve dabbled in it over the year but I was always really timid. Letting fear of judgements of my thoughts and ideas keep me from sharing too much. The thing is I love talking about business and entrepreneurship and being boss. […]

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From the bubbly energy of getting ready, to soft tears of joy saying I do, I'm photographing all the once-in-a-lifetime moments of your day!  I make sure to help you have a day filled with ease, fun, and joy. 

All your memories will be preserved for you to enjoy and cherish with your loved ones.  Your experience means the world to me so I make sure to photograph your day beautifully!

Wedding & Portrait PHOTOGRAPHER in CHICAGO & beyond

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