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Week 4 of the 30 Day Love Yourself ChallengeThis is the last week of the challenge.  It’s coming to an end really quick.  I hope you’ve had a great time doing it.  I hope you’ve had lots of wonderful things to say about yourself.

I take photos of people all the time who love and adore their fiance, who love and adore their family, but when it comes to talking about themselves and what they love about themselves they completely clam up.  This is where this challenge really started.  I’m in love with LOVE, but that’s not the only reason why I decided to start this challenge before Valentines day.

So often I find people who get uncomfortable with anything that talks about how awesome they are.  Women blush and get embarrassed when their husbands, boyfriends, or finances tell them just how beautiful they are or even worse they say it isn’t true.

It has been amazing to hear people tell me things they love about themselves.  I not everyone feels comfortable with putting themselves completely out there and I’m grateful for those who took the time to tell me on their own what they think is awesome about themselves.  You’re beautiful, wonderful and worth it all.  Here’s to a beautiful last week!  Enjoy the last video!


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