The ONE Tool You Need to Get Major Growth for Your Handmade Business

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The one tool you need to get major growth for your handmade business

You are ready to grow your business.  You created and opened your shop. Now all you need are customers!

Let me tell you about the one tool you need to get major growth for your handmade business.  It’s the one way you get to talk directly with people who are interested in your business! Have you guessed it?

You need to start an email list.  

Why Email Lists are Essential

Your email list is yours

This the biggest reason why I think shops should have their own list.  Even if the platform you’re using changes you can take your email list with you to your next provider.

Know Your People

You can take the opportunity to get to know all the awesome people on your list.  Find out what they want. Know what their interests are. Determine their biggest struggles related to your product so you know how to help them.

For example, if you make bows maybe they really struggle with finding ones that stay or don’t hurt their head.  Maybe that’s the exact benefit your product offers so you know to share that with your potential customers!

More Sales

Since you will know your potential customers you will be better able to serve them and get sales!  Ultimately thats what you need when you’re running a business. Even when it’s a creative passion you need to make money for it to be business.  

You have people who are interested in what you have to say and what you’re creating.  Once people are on your email list they are much more likely to want to buy from you that person who sees your product on Social Media or an Etsy Listing.  The products you sell have more credibility because they know who you are.

What You Need to Know

How it works

You use an Email Service Provider (ESP) in order to collect email addresses.  I recommend Convertkit.

You use forms or landing pages and offer your potential customers some type of incentive to benefit them. Once they’ve opted into your email list you’re able to communicate about

Convertkit is Key

When you’re looking for a way to collect email lists there are so many options.  BUT I love and use Convertkit.

It’s a set fee for your first 1000 subscribers. You have the ability to tag your subscribers and people who purchase from you.  

Grab Your free Checklist to make starting your Email List is as simple as can be!

Subscriber Focused

No matter how many opt-ins your one subscriber fills out you only need to worry about that one subscriber.  This helps reduce costs and allows you to create multiple opt-ins without worrying about how it will affect your cost.   

Easy Forms & Landing Pages

You don’t need to know code to create your opt-ins or landing pages.  It’s pretty intuitive to learn to set up, but Convertkit also has great info for getting started!

You can also set up and email sequence very quickly and Convertkit walks you through how to do it in a simple way.  This is exactly how I set up my FREE email course teaching Handmade business owners the roadmap to creating quality product photos that attract!


In conclusion, if you want to have a successful handmade business that is not at the whim of algorithums or curated feeds then you need to start your email list!

**Some affiliate links are in this post.  No worries though because I only share products I love and use!

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