The Easy Guide to Use Trello as Your Editorial Calendar for Your Handmade Business

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The Easy Guide to Use Trello as Your Editorial Calendar for Your Handmade Business

Paper planners, pretty notebooks, and all the post-its have my heart, but when it comes to getting organized in my business I rely on Trello!

I have my business handbook, my weekly planning, and my editorial calendar in there too.  I’ve used it to store my reading list and so much more.

I love that I can have everything in one place. So I thought I would create this easy guide to use Trello as your editorial calendar for your handmade business.

Each subsection for this post follows the order of how I use my editorial Trello board.  You can get a copy of the board for you to use for your own business below. Hopefully, it helps keep you organized!  It’s been a lifesaver in my business.

Blog Info Card

The first list on my board is like blog systems headquarters.  It’s the heart of the board and makes it easier for anyone who needs to use the board, so if a VA helps with blog posts.  

I have my checklists for my blog posts workflow.  I have different ones for different types of blog posts (photo posts, vs written only posts).  There’s a card that links to google sheet of all the blog posts on the blog. Just in case I think I have a repeat or it can be used to add the links to the google doc of the current post.  The last section lists the major blog categories for my blog posts. You can get this board to use for your biz below!

Individual Blog Pillars

Each individual blog category gets its own list.  This way I can brainstorm topics.

Plan to Write

This is where it’s scheduled in trello but not yet on my actual blog.  I write all my blog posts the month before. It would be so much easier to have them done two months in advance, but I’m not quite there yet (working on it)!  I think if I could get there that would make my busy season so much easier!


Once the trello card is here it means the post is outlined or I’ve started a draft to get all my ideas out.  This way I know how much work needs to be done. I do most of my drafting for posts all at once so at times it feels silly that I’m moving them along, but then I know what stage their in if it takes two days to get started.

Reviewed for Publication and Graphics Made

In the reviewed for publication section, it means I’ve edited the post.  I make sure that I’ve read through the post more than once I ran it through Grammarly.  This way it’s ready to go. The content is then put on my website and formatted.

I also create any blog graphics that are needed for the post including if it’s posted to social media.  I prefer to do it all at once because it saves time.


Scheduled of course is exactly what it sounds like.  I have the post uploaded to WordPress with blog graphics.  I set the scheduled date according to when I said it would publish in my editorial calendar.

Want an Organized Editorial Calendar?

Grab a free copy of my editorial calendar template in Trello!


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