Top 5 Downtown Chicago Wedding Venues

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Today I’m sharing my top 5 downtown Chicago Wedding venues! There are so many beautiful Chicago wedding locations. It can be really hard to decide on the best location for you!  I’m sharing 5 chic venues that you can make your own, and giving an honest review of each!

Top 5 Downtown Chicago Wedding Venues

Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum is a wonderful location and is just slightly north of the downtown area so maybe not directly downtown, but still in the heart of all the city action!  This location is such a stunning spot with its epic staircase and traditional black and white checkered flooring.  All the cream walls with windows offers so much natural light.  One of my favorite parts is during warm weather you can use the outside space for ceremonies and cocktails!  The only real drawback is that parking is not nearby.

Ivy Room

This venue is known for its iconic ivy wall.  So many couples love to take a photo at the balcony with all the Ivy surrounding them.  Even though you’re right in the heart of downtown you really feel tucked away when you’re at the Ivy Room! Something to consider about the Ivy Room is the reception is separate from the outdoor space.

Rivers Restaurant

This is a location you might not have thought of, but with the river right next to the outdoor space it’s really such a stunning location for wedding.  The best part is if you choose to do your ceremony it’s got over head cover from the elements!  I love that you can see the bridges from reception space!  One thing thats hard about Rivers is you have to have all of your open dance floor inside so not to have too much noise for neighboring buildings.

Top 5 Downtown Chicago Wedding Venues

Chicago Athletic Association

The Chicago Athletic Association is located right next to millennium park.  If you go up to the rooftop there’s a fantastic view of the city as well as the park.  It’s a breathtaking location to do your first look if you obtain photo passes to photograph around the venue!  The only drawback would possibly be the layout of the room while you’re eating.  It might be difficult to see all of your guests.  This is such a small time during your reception though it might be perfect.

The Walden

The Walden is near the West Loop area.  The ceremony spot with the textured white wall makes an amazing backdrop, and they have a great space for getting ready.  When you head down to the main reception and cocktail area it manages to be modern and still very warm.  If you choose the Walden for your ceremony and reception one thing you might want to think about is the congestion of moving your whole wedding downstairs after the ceremony.  One way to deal with this would be to offer guests a quick refreshment while they wait for the elevator.  

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