Co-Working Space Personal Brand Photos

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I absolutely loved getting to capture this co-working space personal brand photos.  When I create personal brand shoots the focus is on the brand and how they want to be portrayed.  We’ll often spend time diving into what’s important to their business and what their business stands for.  I’m able to gather this through questionnaires and client calls.  Knowing more about your business really helps us create a brand shoot that serves to build the quality of images you’ll have to use across your different platforms.  

Every business is different and strives to serve their clients in different ways, so I love being able to hear what every entrepreneur focuses on in their personal business.  There are so many reasons clients choose to do branding shoots, but a major one when they are first starting out is creating content for their website.  It can be surprising just how much imagery your website can benefit from! This was one of Shannen’s main focuses for shoot.  We strived to curate different stories that focused on the different facets of her business and how she showed up for her clients.  

We met at the co-working space, Office805, in Evanston. The amazing part of meeting at a co-working space was we were able to use many of their different spaces to shoot!  This helped create more variety in the imagery so that every backdrop didn’t feel exactly the same.  Shannen has a really colorful brand and Office805 had some great color in many of their spaces.

Shannen focuses on serving BIPOC executives and leaders through different coaching services.  She strongly advocates for self-care and other methods to help leaders grow and thrive in the workplace.  We made sure to create images that showcased her process.  There were also photos that focused on activities she believes in such as meditation or journaling.  We also captured images that demonstrated teaching and client meetings.  The goal was creating a real balance of images.  

Dive into this brand session :)

Co-Working Space Personal Brand Photos
Brand Headshots
Fun Portraits
Business Speaker prep
Whiteboard Talks
Co-Working Space Personal Brand Photos
Sharing Brand products
Journaling for Business
co-Working Space Personal Brand Photos
Shannen Coleman Siciliano
Co-Working Space Personal Brand Photos
Sage for Self-Care
Co-Working Space Personal Brand Photos
Co-Working Space Personal Brand Photos
Co-Working Space Personal Brand Photos

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