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I’m so excited to share Jamie Rissman’s yoga and fitness personal brand photos! I met Jamie when I first tried Hot Yoga.  I loved taking her classes because she always did a great job of explaining the benefits of what you were doing while taking you through the process of what you needed to do.     

The Fitness Brand Shoot

Jamie’s online yoga and fitness business focuses on wellness with a focus on connecting deeply with who you are.  There are a variety of types of workouts available from yoga and pilates, to breathing and meditation.  It is through these classes and workshops that she helps her clients with self-love and self-connection.   

What’s amazing is Jamie currently offers both virtual and in person opportunities to work with her.  Providing classes such as hot yoga and yoga sculpt.  Her classes are amazing because she really focuses on the whole persona and builds relationships with her students!  Being a part of her class is like joining a community that feels accepting and supported!

The Plan

We decided to focus on capturing the virtual side of her fitness brand.  Jamie created an in-home classroom that gives her the flexibility to teach and work from home!  When we began to map out shots we decided to focus on all of the modalities that she offers as well as capturing some quick headshots. 

In every personal brand shoot I do I think it’s important to get a mixture of lifestyle or brand driven images as well as a solid headshot!  When we’re able to do this it ensures there are plenty of photos to use for social media and your website!  

Jamie’s brand does an amazing job of showing the strength of fitness along with the softness and quiet of personal connection.  Her images reflect this duality! I loved being able to capture images that would help support her growing brand! 

Take a glimpse into our brand shoot below ;)

Jamie Rissman Yoga Instructor
Yoga and Fitness Personal Brand Photos
Yoga Sculpt
Yoga and Fitness Personal Brand Photos
Fitness Sliders
Yoga and Fitness Personal Brand Photos
Yoga Sculpt
Yoga and Fitness Personal Brand Photos

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