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I had so much fun picking out my planner for 2016 (I have a slight planning obsession).  I knew that next year I wanted to start using a paper planner again instead of many many many post-it notes and my phone.

It was a close call between the Day Designer and the Simplified Planner.  I ended up going with the Day Designer because I liked the cover I picked and I liked the gratitude section on the daily pages.  Both planners have a full month spread and then daily planning pages.  I think this format works better for me rather than a weekly spread.

I very much need to have a digital calendar to take with me every where but I also love writing things down.  So everything is in my main google calendar as far as plans go then I plan what I need to get done for the next day on my daily page.  I feel like I’m clearer on what I want to get done.  I tried using the free daily pages for the Day Designer before buying it to see how it felt.  The days that I used it I felt like I accomplished more with more clarity.

The daily page has a section to write down your 3 most important to do’s, an hourly schedule and then other to do’s section.  There’s a section to write down what you’re grateful for, track your money for the day, anything that’s due, and dinner.   One other section that’s really interesting is the section to just flow on any thoughts you have about the day and what you got done.  This section I definitely haven’t used it enough in my printed sheets I’m excited to give it a try in my full planner.

It arrived in a cute little box of it’s own all wrapped in bubble paper which my kids loved!  My mom was in town when it arrived and thought the packaging was so cute she decided to get one when the next round of planners launched.  This I think was the craziest thing about my planner.  There are launch dates for when it will be in stock and when they’re gone baby they’re gone!


I’ve loved digging into the planning pages so far.  I love getting clear on what I want to do the next year.  I love looking at the past year and what I want to do in the next year.  My planner is only one part of my planning process.  I’ll be writing more about what I did to get ready for 2016 in future posts.  Happy Monday!



p.s. I loved it so much I became an affiliate for the product.  So if you do decide to get one using the link in the post I do receive some money.

p.p.s. I wrote about what I did to plan last year here!


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