6 Easy and Cheap Backgrounds to Use for Product Photography

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6 Easy and Cheap Backgrounds to Use for Product Photography

One of the biggest stressors product biz owners have around photographing their own products is what to put them on.  I put together 6 easy and cheap backgrounds to use for product photography.

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Poster Boards

This one is great because white poster boards are cheap and easy to find.  White poster paper can easily bend and curve without showing creases.



If you have a desk that fits your brand and style then this is a quick and easy access photo asset!  You can clear your desk and shown on your desk for flatlay style set-ups


Painted Boards

Ok for this you can use styrofoam boards or plywood and paint them colors that fit your aesthetic.  All my flatlays are actually done on white styrofoam boards.



This is a real simple option to use.  Usually, the hardest part of using fabric is finding a fabric that fits your brand.  The best way to use fabric as your background is on a flat hard surface. If you don’t use a flat surface you’ll get weird wrinkles.  


Contact Paper

Contact paper is one of my favorite ways to transform a styrofoam board into a different style!  It’s simple to do as long as you remember to keep it tight as you place it on the board and make sure you don’t get air pockets.



Tile is another great way to shoot on a different texture other than a smooth surface.  It can help add interest to your photos, but only if it fits the overall aesthetic of your brand!


Natural backgrounds

If you have a very organic and natural brand you might want to think about using natural materials for your backgrounds.  Materials like bark, or wood planks, or thin logs and look really beautiful.


Now you have a ton of ideas for backgrounds.

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