Ultimate Guide to Blog Photos with a DSLR for Bloggers and Creative Business Owners

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I’m so excited to share this blog mini series.  I hope this Ultimate Guide to Blog Photos With a DSLR helps enhance your photo skills and helps your business and blog along the way.

The Ultimate Guide to Blog Photography


My Photo Story

I absolutely love photography.  I believe great photos only enhance your business.  

I’ve always been the kind of person who loved documenting my life.  I went every where with my point and shoot camera, and then transitioned to a big girl film SLR camera in college.  

Spending time developing film and photos felt like magic to me.

I became interested in photography as career when I was planning my wedding, but I didn’t start with my first DSLR until I had my kids.  Then I felt the strongest desire to document our world with photos in an authentic and beautiful way.  

Once I had my camera I knew I wanted to be able to do for work.  I photographed family and friends.  I realized documenting couples love for me was one of the most magical things I could do.  So I started my Photography business.

Branded Blog Photos

I found in my wedding photography career I love styling photos.  So I created my Palm Dreams Stock Photo.  There are so many reasons why I created it but ultimately it comes down to great photos only help your business.  

I’m hoping this series for will help you take on brand photos with DSLR.  Brand photos can help with so many parts of your business.

How the Guide to Blog Photos with a DSLR Will Help

I’ve already talked on the blog about what to do once you have stock photos.  This guide leads you step by step through everything you need to know for setting your blog up with awesome photos.  The series takes you through why using a DSLR will help you right through taking photos, editing them, and saving your images.  

You will have all the details you need to get your blog photo game on point.  Make sure to check in every week for the next post in the series.


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Need Beautiful Photos for your Business!

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