Choosing Smaller Weddings

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Choosing Smaller Weddings

Couples are currently really having to rethink the type of wedding they have planned.  Many are choosing smaller weddings so they can still have the day they planned!

The heart of any wedding is the commitment of two people who love each other so much they want to spend forever together!  Any wedding day is right!

Why Mini Weddings

There are so many reasons why couples choose smaller weddings.  You even have varied types of more intimate days.  

Currently, many couples are doing it because they want to still honor their wedding date.  This can be the best choice when your wedding date holds so much meaning for you as a couple.

Other couples are choosing smaller weddings because they love the idea of a more intimate day.  Filled only with the people closest to them.  Possibly you just don’t want to wait!  Whatever your reason it works!

The Benefits

Sharing your day with fewer guests means there’s more time for connection and being close with the family and friends who are present.  Another possible benefit could mean less cost or more flexibility in how you budget your day!

If you’ve been swooning over styled wedding days then you can more easily put this into your day when you have fewer guests celebrating.  This could mean more details, and added fun to your day!  Maybe it’s more florals or an extra dessert display.  Whatever you decide means a little bit more fun for you :) 

Go with Your Heart

In the end, you need to decide what you most want for your wedding day.  If in your heart it sounds completely unappealing to change the vision of your day you might think about just postponing your wedding.  Maybe you haven’t even begun to truly plan your day and you might decide on a much later wedding date!

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