What Props to Include for a Personal Brand Photoshoot

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What Props to Include for Personal Brand Photoshoot

Ok friend maybe you’ve been thinking about having a brand shoot and you’re just not sure what you need to have with you for the time.  Let’s dive into what props to include for a personal brand photoshoot!

There are so many easy things you can include that showoff you and your business! There are really basic props that work for most businesses, but think creatively about what might really tell the story of your biz! Here are a few ideas I use as a personal brand photographer!


Think about the items you love to wear when you go out!  Things like statement necklaces and earrings can add some pop to your photos.  Other accessories such as a hat can add more dimension to the portfolio of images you get by giving you something else to do with your hands.


I think tech tools are probably some of the easiest props to use for your personal brand shoot. Having your phone or your computer can really set the scene for your work. You can have some photos that show you at work. Getting great images of you working with these props can add to your 

Brand Props

Favorite Food

Maybe you’re obsessed with donuts or cupcakes or macaroons or maybe it’s a different type of food.  For me it’s dessert if you didn’t notice by my list of ideas ;)  Either way, if you talk about this love affair with food on social it’d be great to share some sweet images of you and your fav treat.  Have some fun with it.  

Fav Hot Drink

Are you a coffee or tea person?  Do you ever talk about ALL the caffeine?  Ok, so this a great reason to add photos of you with your favorite drink you love to have!

Props for a Personal Brand Photoshoot

Office Items

Goals journals, calendars, and notebooks are often essential business items that creatives use in their business!  If you’re using it in your business then you might want to get some photos with those items in it!  They can show off how you organize or think through your business plans and goals!

These are all just a few ideas to get your brain going so you’re ready for a brand shoot.  Many of these will also make great items to use in a few flatlays.

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