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Alright friends so many couples are thinking about different kinds of weddings right now, so I wanted to share about elopements, minimonies and micro weddings.   All of these might be what you decide to do moving forward while trying to plan your wedding currently and after dealing with Covid-19.

All of the celebrations are varying levels of more intimate wedding days.  What I love about choosing one of these types of weddings is they really put the focus on you and your love!


First, let’s talk about Elopements!  Back in the day, people would describe an elopement as a spur of the moment or unplanned.  Maybe in Vegas with Elvis.  They didn’t really equate to wedded bliss.

Now more often than not elopements are wedding ceremonies filled with intention.  They are filled with the most thoughtful elements that would bring joy to the couple.  Elopements are great when you do not want to spend too much time including lots of other’s ideas about how your wedding should happen. 

Typically an elopement is just the couple but sometimes couple chooses to invite a select few.  What’s great about choosing an elopement is you do not need to plan a reception.  However many couples choose to make the elopement more involved than just the ceremony.  


Next let’s chat all about the minimony!  It’s a ceremony of 10 or fewer guests.  This can be a great way to still have a wedding on your wedding date and then plan to have a celebration or sequel wedding at a later date.  

When you choose this type of event you might still have many of the elements of the traditional wedding day, but not everything.  Maybe it will include handwritten vows, and first dance, and celebratory bubbly!  Each one is unique to the individual couple. 

When couples curate their minimony they are taking the time to curate the most thoughtful elements of their wedding day into a smaller day that 

Micro Weddings 

A micro wedding is great for couples who love all the beautiful details but want to keep their costs down for the wedding.  It’s one of the best ways to have all the details poured into a styled shoot splashed onto your wedding day. 

It’s usually 50 or less people so still very intimate, but you get to include even more people who are important to you ;)

I mean who doesn’t love intricate gorgeous details for all your guests to enjoy.  A micro wedding is a fabulous way to ensure that all the pieces added to your day are exactly the way you want.

Other Options

Some couples might decide after having a more intimate day that’s all about celebrating their love to do a larger event that’s totally about sharing it with loved ones.  There’s no one right way to do your wedding.  The key is figuring out what you and your love want the most!

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