Lessons Learned Running My Business Full-Time

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Lessons Learned Running My Business Full-Time

Business is constantly changing, but today I wanted to share the lessons I learned running my business full-time!

Create Systems

Listens I feel like I’m sharing what people always say, but they say it because it’s the truth!  Build systems in your business and everything will feel more manageable!  Pretty much everything can become a process.  If there are more than 2 steps I document it.  

This means if I need help, I’m able to share my checklist and get the support I need!

How to create systems for Running Your Business

Have everything documented. Usually, when I’m first building the checklist I write down the steps as I do it.  Then I pop it into Asana and it’s good to go!  This helps make sure I don’t miss-step.  There have been times when I’ve just tried to write out the process.  Then you need to make sure you check it.  I usually have to add missing steps the first time I run through it.  

Be Social

Being a solopreneur can be lonely.  I realized once I started I loved working from, but missed socialization.  The best way to combat this is being social.  Whether you do it on social media or join a mastermind or hang out with people in business, find a way to be social!

Business Growth Requires Personal Growth

Growing a business won’t allow you to stay the same. If you want to have a successful biz you can’t stay the same. Entrepreneurs need to frequently be looking to evolve and change in order to make true gains and sustainable growth. This is especially true as a solopreneur because you’re the Chief everything officer in your business in the beginning.

Invest in Your Business

This is one of the best things I’ve done along the way.  I joined a mastermind and it was great for my business.  It really helped me focus in and on my business.  It was one of the best choices I made, and I met a lot of other really amazing business owners!  I’ve also invested in business courses to learn business skills I didn’t have!


I’m always trying to make sure I provide the best value for those I work with and spend time within my business.  I love sharing ideas, helping, and brainstorming about business.  It’s one of the reasons I love doing personal brand photography because I get to talk with other business owners about how they’re working on their biz!

Consistency Creates Momentum

Whenever I’m consistently creating content I see growth in my business.  Sharing helpful content on my blog and on social brings in more clients to chat with!

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