My Wedding Photography Bucket List

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My Wedding Photography Bucket List

I’m sharing my wedding photography bucket list for two reasons.  First I love a good list! Secondly, I’d love to shoot a wedding in any of these locations!!! 

You know what they say put it out into the world and see what comes back to you!  So go ahead and contact me with all your lovely destination wedding love ;)


I’m a Cali girl at heart.  I grew up there and loved all the beautiful sunshine.  It will always be a part of me.  I did shoot a gorgeous wedding in Sonoma with a friend and would totally go back any day!  


This one I think would be magical (punny ;)  I’d love to see a wedding there because I love the way Disney does service! It would be interesting to be there as a vendor (side note I worked at Disneyland when I was young kid in high school).


I really want to get to photograph a wedding and then take a couple for photos through all the gorgeous bouncing light that comes off the white stone of the monuments. It would also be beautiful to capture a couple under the cherry blossoms when they’re in bloom.


Central Park!  I’d love to capture photos of my couples strolling through central park! So Dreamy!


A wedding on the soft sands of Hawaii with their colorful sunsets would be a complete dream come true to me! It’s been a while since I’ve traveled there, and capturing a wedding would be a fantastic reason to go back!


Take me up North to all the beautiful lush greens and forests and outdoor beautifulness! I’ve always thought it would be so fun to take photos of an elopement at Treehouse Point (I mean who doesn’t want to hang out in a treehouse).


Specifically, I’d love to photograph a wedding at a resort right on the beach with soft sand and blue water.  I think it would be absolutely beautiful. I took my family to a resort and it was wonderful to play at the pool and relax at the beach.


When my daughter was born we went to Ireland and had her baptized.   I loved the lush greens and the soft light of morning there.  I can’t wait to be able to capture a gorgeous couple there too!


Let’s just say shooting in Santorini would be dreamy or really anywhere in Greece.  Who am I kidding?!  It looks beautiful, but I’ve only seen it through photos. 


I just recently went there with my family and saw so many weddings happen at the resort.  Seeing all the weddings made me want to behind a camera capturing some love too!  I, of course, took tons of photos for my family, but it would be amazing to get shoot a couple adoringly in love also!  I’m telling you if you’re heading to Moon Palace Jamaica take me with you ;)


I’m dreaming of a beautiful wedding at a Chateau or photos near the Eifel tower.  Really any of it would be amazing! 

Ok there it is all the dreamy locations not in Chicago that I would love to get to shoot a wedding!  So if you’re planning your wedding go ahead and talk to me now :)

If you’re planning your wedding near or far, and you still need a wedding photographer let’s talk!


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