Personal Brand Photoshoot vs Headshots

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Personal Brand Photoshoot vs Headshots

So maybe you’re still not certain about personal brand photos because you’re thinking you only need a headshot.  Let’s look at the differences of a personal brand photoshoot vs headshots.

I like to think of the personal brand photoshoot as the larger umbrella that you would find headshots and stock photos in.  

When I work with business owners on their shoot we create both.  What’s amazing about a brand shoot is it’s all geared towards your specific business and the value you bring.  So let’s dive into the differences.

Personal Brand Photoshoot

Focused on Your Brand

When you’re doing a personal brand shoot we think about a lot of questions that help your photographer understand your brand.  Questions like:  What’s your brand all about?  Who is your ideal client?  What will appeal to them?  When you’re planning your shoot these are the exact types of questions you want to be thinking about!  

Styled for Your Aesthetic 

When you complete a personal brand photoshoot there’s a lot more styling involved to ensure the vibe of your photo fits your business.  The goal is to help you have photos that look like your business at it’s best!  When I’m working with my clients we think through the setting and backgrounds so that it ensures they get photos that they want.  

For Business Growth

Getting a personal brand photoshoot done ensures you’re getting multiple images that showcase your brand. This allows you to share about your business on social media with new and unique photos to your business.  There’s nothing wrong with stock photography, but we want photos that help you stand out!


Just one Piece

I like to think of headshots as part of a personal brand shoot.  There’s no way I would have a client get ready for a day of shooting and not complete at least one headshot!  This is the power of getting a full brand shoot or doing one for yourself!

Focused on You

A Headshot really focuses on the individual.  It’s not really about the brand as a whole.  You don’t need to put as much thought into the message you’re trying to convey.  It’s more about nailing a great portrait of you!

Important for Your Business

Although there’s less of planning involved ina headshot they are necessary!  Classic headshots are used constantly.  There’s not a social media platform out there that doesn’t have a spot for your headshot.  Also, you’ll need it when you’re doing any type of PR (being interviewed on a podcast or Insta Live then you’ll want to have your headshot to promote)!

How to Decide: Personal Brand Photoshoot vs Headshots?

You really need to think about what your business needs at this moment. As I’ve mentioned when you’re getting a personal brand shoot, you’ll definitely get some headshots too.  I think these shoots provide the most value for your business.  However, if you know all you need is a portrait and new visual content wouldn’t help your business at this time then all you need is a headshot.  

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