Top 10 Chicago Suburb Wedding Venues

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I’m really excited to share my top 10 Chicago Suburb wedding venues! There are so many stunning locations to choose from! If you’re just starting on your wedding planning journey definitely grab my wedding planning guide!

Hyatt Lodge

Top 10 Chicago Suburb Wedding Venues

The Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook is a stunning venue with picturesque views!  I love that there’s a variety of locations that are wonderful for taking pictures.  Whether you choose the area by the pond, on the bridge or within the trees, every spot is beautiful!

Armour House

Do you love a European feel?  The Armour House in Lake Forest, Illinois has a very stunning architectural features.  The archways make for stunning photos and the landscape is just full of lush greens!

Chicago Botanic Gardens

Top 10 Chicago Suburb Wedding Venues

If you want to have an outdoor wedding, Chicago Botanic Gardens is a stunning location for your wedding!  The gardens make for some stunning backdrops for your ceremony and there are plenty of variety for your portraits.  There are so many stunning locations!

Monte Bello Estate

Top 10 Chicago Suburb Wedding Venues

Monte Bello Estate in Lemont, Illinois is a beautifully unique venue.  It has stunning outdoor ceremony spaces, but if you need the indoor space can be transformed for ceremonies.  One of the most interesting parts of the venue are the front doors and so often couples want at least one photo in front of them :)  

Skokie Country Club

The Skokie Country Club located in Glencoe is a classic location for weddings.  From the lovely spots along the course to the classic architecture of the clubhouse, there’s so much to take advantage of!  

Deer Path Inn

Top 10 Chicago Suburb Wedding Venues

Deer Path Inn is a simple traditional wedding location, but it’s also so easily transformed into a stunning wedding reception.  It’s a great location for mid-size weddings.  The front of the hotel makes a great location for portraits.  I found that my couples loved all the ivy growing on the front of the hotel! 

The Morton Arboretum

Morton Arboretum is a wonderful venue to have your ceremony and reception all in one spot.  There are so many lovely locations for portraits as well!  If you’re a lover of nature this one is definitely for you! You have locations with lots of trees, or a small pond, or beautiful garden space.  It offers plenty of variety and your guests have nature to enjoy as well!

The Farmhouse

Top 10 Chicago Suburb Wedding Venues

The Farmhouse in Plainfield, Illinois is a beautiful venue with many different locations to enjoy on your day.  Whether you want to enjoy the outdoor locations or you want to have an indoor wedding this venue has it all. When I’ve photographed weddings there couples love taking advantage of both spaces!


Top 10 Chicago Suburb Wedding Venues

The BRIX on the Fox in Carpentersville, IL has two locations to choose from for your wedding day!  One large space and one slightly smaller space.  They both have a lovely view of the river.  The building makes an interesting backdrop for the portraits and heading over to the river can add the variety of your images.  The space has an industrial blank space vibe.  You can create whatever you want inside the space. I adore capturing weddings there!

Glen View Golf Club

Top 10 Chicago Suburb Wedding Venues

The Glen View Golf Club has a lovely classic golf club vibe!  The golf course offers a beautiful backdrop for photos and cocktail hour!  I also really love the tree lined drive way! It’s such a lovely space to take wedding party photos!

Too Good Not to Mention 

Fishermen’s Inn

Top 10 Chicago Suburb Wedding Venues

Fishermen’s Inn is a venue made for weddings. Similar to the Farmhouse it has many locations to enjoy.  The space offers plenty of options for ceremony and cocktail and you get to enjoy the entire space!

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