Why You Need a Wedding Planner

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I want to share exactly why you need a wedding planner for your day!  It’s so easy to think that you can easily plan your wedding especially if you’re type A, but having a wedding planner makes your so much smoother! Hopefully this helps so you don’t have to do it all on your own!

Why you need a wedding planner

Stay present

One of the most important things you can do on your wedding day is stay present! It is not easy to do because there are so many emotions and moments happening. It is very difficult to stay in the present moment when you’re thinking about the next wonderful thing that you get to do! Being able to stay connected to what is happening at the current moment is the gift of a wedding planner. You do not need to think about how to make sure everybody is paying attention to what needs to happen next. 


Well, I love making sure my couples have a timeline for their wedding day. It really focuses on photography. Your planner looks at the overall schedule for the entire day and ensures that it flows with one of your vendors! They will get the plan from each of the vendors that you hire and make sure that everything aligns so that all of the intentions you have set forth on your day actually get to happen!


A big piece of wedding planning besides helping with design and style is the organizing! Ideally, you only get married once so you don’t know all the things that need to happen. Yes there are so many checklist and questionnaires and books you can use, but it’s so much easier to have a planner. Take care of the details for you.


Whether there are so many important reasons why you might hire a wedding planner I think one of the biggest ones is it alleviates a lot of the stress of your day! When you have a planner involved, all of the big decision-making has already been done before the day and they can handle the little decisions that come up throughout your day. if you do not have a planner all of those questions come to you.

You Get an Industry Insider!

I think one of the best reasons to hire a wedding planner is they already know a lot about weddings in general! Wedding planners know how to make certain your day flows and you’re surrounded by a great vendor team. Generally, even if they haven’t worked with a vendor they have contacts they can chat with to learn more about the team you have working your day!  They ensure that each of those vendors is doing what they need to do to make your day exactly what you want. 

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