Best Season to Get Married in Chicago

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Best Season to Get Married in Chicago

So I’m taking the easy way out for this one!  The best season to get married in Chicago is the one you love the best.  

Having said that I want to share some info for if you get married in any season in Chicago

Winter Wedding Day 

Some couples love the idea of possibly having snow on their wedding day!  The beautiful white powder creates a winter wonderland when it’s fresh ;) It can be really beautiful when it’s fresh snow.  

There are a few things to consider.  You want to be prepared with hand warmers for you and your bridal party.  They take about 15-20 minutes to heat up fully so open them before you get outside.  Think about having winter gear nearby. So if you’re waiting for the groomsmen to get their group photos you can warm up in a coat.  If you want to utilize the outdoor spaces at your venue ask about heaters. Sometimes if it’s not frigid it can still be nice to be outside with a drink!

Another huge factor for winter weddings is the available light.  If you love light and bright photos then you’re going to need to think about how you schedule the day and probably should do a first look!  During the winter the sun sets so early there’s not a ton of day time to get those beautiful bridal party and wedding portraits. It’s so much better to have a plan when that happens!

Spring Wedding Day 

I love the idea of Spring.  Flowers just beginning to bloom.  The beginning of life, and sunshine.  It can be lovely. While planning your Spring wedding there are still factors to take into account.

For Spring weddings you’ll want to be prepped for the weather!  Those fun clear umbrellas make great photos and keep you dry ;) You know what they say April showers and whatnot.  It’s true! So many Spring weddings end up with some rain. You just need a game plan to handle it! I always make sure my couple’s timelines include contingency plans when rain is in the forecast.  I never want them to wonder what we’ll do if…I’d rather just have them know they’re taken care of!  

Just like if you’re planning a winter wedding you might want to have hand warmers available for you and your bridal party during the winter.  You want to feel comfortable and excited when you’re taking your outdoor portraits!

Summer Wedding Day

Aww, summer the only season you might need hand warmers!  I mean it is Chicago so anything goes, but most likely it’s going to be hot and possibly humid.  

Summer weddings take their own kind of careful planning.  You know since it’s Chicago be prepared for All. The. Weather!  If you’re doing an outdoor anything because you’re prepared for the loveliness of summertime have some contingency plans in place like a tent for needed shade and possibly have locations to get grab some extra sunscreen.  You might still need those umbrellas

Fall Wedding Day

Fall is one of my favs, and early fall dates are probably some of my most requested dates.  While people choose to get married all year round early fall is often some of the easiest weather we have.  

Now Fall can still kind of be the catch-all for weather, but it often is really beautiful!  I still really like to have hand warmers just in case and umbrellas for rain. Again when you have outdoor wedding plans it’s really smart to have contingency plans available.  Great wedding planners are always good about walking couples through those things!

So really and truly choose the best season for you, plan well, and it all will work out!  

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