What is a Personal Brand Photoshoot?

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Maybe you’ve heard people talk about it, and you’re wondering what is a personal brand photoshoot? Well friend, I’m about to spill all the details!

If you’re working on growing your business chances are you’ll need some photos of you.

So let me share it with you!

The Basics

Let’s start with what Personal Branding is…

It’s about the You of your business.

It’s about your reputation.

It’s about what you want to be known for.

It’s about what makes you unique and awesome.

Personal branding centers the business around a person.  

The Importance

One of the best things about building a personal brand is it sets you apart immediately!  No one is exactly like you, friend. There might be similarities, but no one is exactly like you and that’s awesome when you’re trying to market a business because then you stand out!

It helps you build your credibility with professional photos of you and your brand it helps build the perception of the quality of your business.  

It also builds what you’re known for.  When you’re consistently sharing images of what you’re sharing it helps people know exactly what your business is standing behind!

What It looks like…

Personal Brand Photoshoot

Ok But What is a Personal Brand Photoshoot?

It’s all about showing off you and your brand.  It’s not just a headshot though I always want to grab a fresh one while we’re at it, rather a personal brand shoot is so much more! 

When I photograph a biz owner I love to find out more about what they share about consistently online because are the kind of things we should photograph! 

Are you always talking about your adoration for coffee? Then let’s make sure to set the scene for that! Do you talk about your journaling process? For sure let’s grab that.

Personal Brand Shoot

A personal brand shoot is all about building content that shows off your particular business.  It’s about sharing visually what makes you, YOU! This is exactly why it’s so valuable to have one done.  It helps visually differentiate you from any other business owner doing the same thing you’re doing!

When done right you will have plenty of fresh relevant photos to use for your business.  It’s amazing because you’ll have a variety of photos that are completely about your business.  

Let’s Work Together

Aww ok if this sounds amazing to you be sure to reach out!  I’d love to plan your shoot with you :)


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