Why I Use Lightroom to Edit Blog Photos

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Why I use Lightroom to Edit Blog Photos

I could not go through this Ultimate Guide to Blog Photography without sharing why I use lightroom to edit blog photos.  


26 hours!  This is how long I spent editing one wedding day.  Spending 26 hours on one piece of any project is bananas!


When I first started editing photos I was using photoshop, and not very really well.  It would take me hours upon hours to edit photos. It was cringe worthy!  I hated the process and there was absolutely no consistency.  That was until I found my editing best friend: Lightroom.


There are many different tools that you could use for editing your photos like Picmonkey, or Canva, or photoshop but I think there are 4 big reasons why you should use Lightroom.


You might be thinking that you don’t have thousands of photos to edit.  I know, but all those extra minutes start to add up. So go on and look at why I think it’s so darn amazing!


Made for Photos

I think the biggest reason to use Lightroom is that it was created solely for the purpose of editing photos.  The whole intention behind Lightroom is to give creatives ways to edit, and organize photos easily.


Since Lightroom is made to make editing simple, it’s set up literally to make your photo editing flow in the best way.


It’s pretty darn intuitive too!  As a newbie to taking photos of your creative work you can catch on really quickly.



I’m naturally unorganized, but since I know this I use different tools and programs that help keep me on track like Trello, 17hats, and for photos Lightroom.


Ok so how does it keep me organized?  


When I import images it automatically imports under the date it was shot.  I then set up sub folders within that date. I use the star ratings to determine which photos will be picked from all the ones I shot.  I use the color ratings if I’m going to blog. I set up smart collection for photos that are on my website!



Ok so I shared how it use to take me 26 hours to complete one wedding.  Who has that kind of time? I certainly didn’t and don’t!


When I started using Lightroom this changed my whole editing world!  Using this one editing tool gave me back so much time!


How you use lightroom will help you speed up.  Editing photos and looking at what you generally fix and tweak will help you setup presets that are saved patterns of edits.  


You also can apply the same edit to multiple photos.  Life changing!!!



Using lightroom helps you create consistency in your style.  Whether it’s through using presets or paying attention to the edits you make and creating your own presets, Lightroom makes everything more consistent.  



I can make so many changes to a photo and revert back to it’s original setting without destroying the quality of the photo.  This is because it’s non-destructive. So tweak, change, and improve till your heart’s content with Lightroom. You will not have to worry about the quality of the photo.  


Key Features

Another reason why lightroom is the bomb dot com is all the amazing features.  One of the features I love that I’ve mentioned over and over again is presets. I think these are an amazing way to ensure that your style stays the same.  I’m also a big fan of being able to see a side-by-side before and after. Then of course being able to set up smart collections to organize my photos.


Give Lightroom a chance it will change how you edit for your creative business!


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